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I traded my first stock and wrote my first line of code when I was 18. Since then:
  • I traded professionally for a hedge fund and an energy derivatives trading firm in Chicago wracking up several millions of dollars in profit.
  • I was a credit quant looking after $20 billion in credit exposure and managing $100 million of CVA exposure.
  • I managed a global, quant engineering team that built all the market risk analytics for a $7 billion derivatives trading business.
  • I built and led the data engineering and quant-analyst team for a $60 billion metals trading business.
  • I taught myself Python in 2012 to avoid spending $2,000 per year on a MATLAB license after finishing my master's degree in quant finance.
  • I trade stocks and options in my free time using Python for data acquisition, automation, and execution.
Things I can advise on:
  • Getting the Python Quant Stack installed and running
  • Using Python for pricing derivatives
  • Automating trading strategies with Python
  • Building backtests with event-based and vector-based baktesting libraries
  • Building trading strategies from conception to execution
I'm a fan of helping people without computer science degrees or a lot of programming experience get started using Python.
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