Get powerful Python code for algo trading and data analysis

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Get powerful Python code for algo trading and data analysis
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Collage featuring Jason Strimpel of PyQuant News with logos of major news outlets, discussing how Python boosts finance analysis, as featured on MSN.

Yahoo! Finance and MSN Feature Jason Strimpel of PyQuant News

In the article, Jason discusses Python being table stakes for financial professionals. Yes, Excel is important.

But Python is the most popular and accessible of all programming languages.

And you're not building GenAI apps with Excel...

Python is the new Excel.

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PyQuant News
👋 Hey, I'm Jason
15+ years coding with Python
20+ years trading stocks and options
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When I was 18 I made two decisions that changed my life: I learned how to code and traded my first stock.

For the next 10 years, I followed the conventional advice:

• Get a degree in business (double major in finance and econ)
• Get industry experience (I traded for a hedge fund and a bank)
• Get a master’s degree (I got a $90,000 master’s degree in finance)

The problem?

I didn’t have a Ph.D., I didn’t have a computer science degree, and I thought I needed both to get into quant finance.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of information available, intimidated by the caliber of talent in the market, and had no confidence in myself!

And worse of all:

Nothing I was learning was sticking because it was all theory.

Then in 2012, I got great advice that I should use Python as a tool to get the job done—I don’t have to be a programmer.

That kick-started my journey into Python.

In October 2022 I launched Getting Started With Python for Quant Finance to help others use Python to accomplish their goals faster.

I packed everything I know about using Python for algo trading, data analysis, and derivatives into the course.

And I’ve built a rich, diverse community of like-minded finance professionals, Python developers, and complete beginners all with the same goal:

Get started with Python for quant finance.

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